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Sarita Mishaan

Bamboo Napkins

Bamboo Napkins

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Get ready to infuse your dining experience with a dash of charm and eco-friendly sophistication with our exquisite BAMBOO Napkins. Crafted from 100% recycled fabric, these whimsical napkins effortlessly combine artistry and sustainability, creating the perfect companion for your shared moments around the table. Adorned with Sarita Mishaan's mesmerizing prints, they transform each meal into a canvas of creativity and delight. Whether you choose to complete the collection for a cohesive table setting or mix and match them with your existing pieces at home, these napkins bring a unique touch to any occasion. Make every gathering a celebration of conscious living as you indulge in the softness of these sustainable napkins, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the planet. Elevate your dining experience and let the BAMBOO Napkins become the finishing touch that adds a sprinkle of magic to your table, turning every meal into a cherished moment filled with joy and style.


100 % Linen Polyester

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Washing Machine and Dryer Safe.

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