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Sarita Mishaan

Black & White Gloss Paper Placemats

Black & White Gloss Paper Placemats

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Enjoy this Thanksgiving with art in your table. We believe that special moments deserve a touch of magic. Set the scene for the perfect gathering. Enjoy this Thanksgiving with the limited collection hand painted by the artist Sarita Mishaan. The placemats made from durable poly-coated paper that is stain and tear resistant. Glossy enough to capture the light,their low reflectivity makes colors pop.

Our prints are modern,delicate, decorative and functional all at the same time, the perfect addition to your tablewear collection.
With our gloss paper placemats, you can have a unique piece of art that will make your dining or coffee table pop and leave your guess astonished.

Add this masterpiece to your collection and get creative. Placemats come in a set of 12, durable and reusable gloss paper.


100 lb Gloss Paper

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Pack: 12 Size: 15''X 12''


Wipe with Soft Damp Cloth

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