What is an artist?

What is an artist?

This is the way I see my life as an artist.

For me, art is my way of life. For some people, art is a hobby. For some, it is work. For some, it is therapy. And so on… for me, it is all of the above.

My life is spent around my family and my art. I, as an artist, feel the ups and downs of creativity; we all do. We live with a creative mind 24/7. Sometimes we can focus on other things and live in a separate world: big dreamers and ideas. We see the world with the eyes of an artist, which means we see it differently. That does not mean we see it better or worse, just differently.

We struggle through moments without inspiration, which are difficult to overcome.

In an artist's life, we learn different techniques everyday and new products to work with, and for me, the most important thing is knowing new tendencies. So what is going on in the art world? Who is doing what?
Another challenging issue as an artist is the value of your art. With time I learned that no one could put that value except you. You are the only one that knows an art piece's process, how many hours you invested in this process, how much product and techniques you used, and so many other factors that happened to make the art piece happen.
Whenever you see a piece you like, think of all the time and work put into it, and you will see it differently.
This is my personal experience as an artist. I hope you enjoy knowing a little more about me.

With love, SM

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