Thanksgiving is Around the Corner So Let's Be The Best Hostess Ever

Thanksgiving is Around the Corner So Let's Be The Best Hostess Ever

The best time of the year is around the corner. Fall arrived. Colors changed. Thanksgiving is almost here. Let’s prepare early to be the best hostess ever.


We usually have lots of Fall and Thanksgiving decoration. Let’s take everything out from the storage. First thing we must do is decide what type of table we want to do. I always recommend that every year we buy something new so we can have the chance to make with what we have and the new things a totally new look. We can even try to clean up and take out things that are maybe old and don’t look so good anymore. We can buy fresh pumpkins of all type and color and mixed them with what we have. Let’s put on a table on the side everything we want to use for this spectacular table.




- How many guests do I have? Make the guests list so you can divide the table to the number. You might need more tables.

- Decide what type of center piece you want to make. Include the decoration pieces you have. Don’t forget that high center pieces are NOT friendly. You can’t see the person sitting on the other side of the table in front of you. If you want a big and high center piece, try to sit people that know each other one next to the other.

- Always remember to ask guests if someone has and allergy or needs special food.

- Put place cards on each seat over the plate or on the side. Be creative were to put that they can see it.

- Try to ask each guest what they are grateful for. This creates a great conversation.

- Ask your guest to put their phones away. If they want pictures of your table let them take them before you sit down.

- Remember always that a table is the best vehicle to create special moments and special conversations. It is the excuse to sit with friends and family.



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