Sween Chicken Secret Recipe for the Holidays

Recipes for the Holidays? Here is my favorite one


I am going to start giving you my favorite recipes for any holiday or dinner at home. Some of these recipes are my mothers, some are taken out of cooking books, but they have become the recipes that everyone wants to eat in my house.

My first recipe is a very easy and fast to do... 




- Chicken cut in pieces, or only thighs, or only breasts. It all depends on what the guest prefer. (8 – 10 pieces)

- 1 bottle of thousand Island Dressing

- 1 Jar of Apricot jam.

- All Purpose Seasoning


Clean very well the chicken and wash it with lemon. Put the chicken in an oven pan. Then add the All-Purpose Seasoning being very careful not to put too many because it usually has a lot of salt. Add the whole bottle of Thousand Island Dressing. With your fingers spread he jam all over the chicken on both sides.

Cover with aluminum paper and put in the pre-heated oven for one-hour covered. When the chicken looks ready take of the aluminum paper and Broil on HIGH for approximately 10 minutes.


I usually serve this with rice. In the coast of Colombia there is no good meal without a good rice!


Hope you can enjoy it, and send me pictures of your chicken.


Until next time!


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