Holidays, oh what a feeling...

Holidays, oh what a feeling...

As I write this Blog all my emotions come to the surface! The holiday season is here, and you can feel it!

We took decorations out of the storage, changed the candles for seasonal scents, and the house started to smell different. People change their attitudes and become more caring. It seems like everyone is Happy. Many celebrate Christmas; we celebrate Chanukah. No matter what you celebrate, it's a special time ofthe year.

For me, especially this year, it is a very special moment. Since Covid, it has been impossible to have my family together since my kids and grandkids live in 3 different countries worldwide. So it's been many years! Too many! We will meet and vacation on Isla Morada this year in the Florida Keys. The feeling of being together is overwhelming. Our preparation, the plans, and the planning of the meals are soooo exciting! Planning meals for 21 people 3 times a day is a challenging task.

I really don't care how difficult it is because the idea of the kids beingtogether, the adults sitting and laughing take away all. Family for us is the number one priority in our lives. For my children too. Now we are passing it on to the next generation. They come from 3 different countries, three different languages, and three different cultures. It's time to learn the meaning of UNITY WITHOUT UNIFORMITY.

When our world can blur our kids' minds, we as a family must teach them values. We adults all share the same values. So, for me, this time of the year brings light, miracles, and only good things to think about.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and may all your blessings and all yourdreams come true in this special season.❤️

Thank you for being part of the Sarita Mishaan Art Family.

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