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Sarita Mishaan

Passover in a Box

Passover in a Box

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You asked for it and we did it again!

Our exclusive Passover Box is available in limited quantities.

Find all you need for an incredible Passover Table, including our exclusive Placemat Collection. Your guests will be amazed by the beauty of your table.

Our Set for 10 includes:

- 12 Sarita Mishaan's Gloss Paper Placemats 

- 10 Dinner Plates in premium heavyweight plastic

- 10 Salad Plates in premium heavyweight plastic

- 10 Desert Plates in premium heavyweight plastic

- 16 Plastic Cutlery (2 forks, 1 spoon, 1 knife per person)

- 20 Desert Plastic Cutlery

- 10 12oz Plastic Water Cups

- 10 Small 4.5 oz Plastic Wine Cups for prayer

- 10 Plastic Soup Bowls

- 20 Napkins (design may vary)


100 lb Gloss Paper

Shipping & Returns

Returns within 30 days of purchase.


Pack: 12 Size: 15''X 12''


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